Solars panels

We are planning to install  solar panels on the borehole site because the pump works with electricity and often the electricity available in Kithunthi is very deficient with frequent cuts that can damage the engine. With solar energy we will ensure and guarantee the supply of drinking water for the entire town.

Maize flour mill

For the group of women of Kyeni, one of the typical dishes of Kithunthi is Ngima made with maize flour, in the village there is no mill and they have to go to the town of Kakuyuni to grind the flour. If they could own one, it would benefit everyone in Kithunthi because is eaten in school and at home at least one day a week

New school

The actual condition of Kithunthi Primary School according to the architects of Barcelona who moved there to carry out a survey of the site its in  technical ruin and does not meet the minimum requirements to have children in those classrooms. It is advisable to pull down the current school and build a new one to ensure the safety of children and teachers.

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